Delivery & Set Up Fees

An order must be at least $100 in value to qualify for delivery. If your order meets this requirement, delivery starts at an additional $45. This includes basic round-trip delivery and pick-up to a loading dock, garage, or carport. If the delivery includes traversing steps, an elevator, or a reasonable walk from where we can park our delivery vehicle, a minimum of $15 will be added to the fee and may increase depending on distance traveled or difficulty of delivery. In most circumstances an order less than $100 in value can easily be picked up by the customer from our warehouse.

Standard delivery fees also include a four-hour window of time in which to pick-up and deliver during normal business hours. If we must arrive at a specific time, an additional $55 surcharge will be added to the delivery fee. Please note, it is not mandatory for the customer to be present for delivery as long as our crew has access to a secure area that is protected from possible inclement weather and accessible to our crew.

Sunday and late night deliveries/pick-ups are also available at an additional charge. Sunday pick-ups are $275 or 15% or the rental total before taxes and fees, whichever is greater. Night pick-ups prior to 11 p.m. are also $175 or 15% of the rental total, whichever is greater. Pick-ups taking place after 11 p.m. will be charged $275 or 20% of the rental total, whichever is greater. After hours and Sunday pick-up fees are in addition to the standard delivery fee.

Items that require delivery such throne chairs and letter tables include set-up and tear down in the rental fee. Set-up of tables and chairs is available for an additional fee of $2.00 per table, $0.50 per plastic folding chair and $1.00 per wood folding or chiavari chair.  Tear down is also available at the same rate. These arrangements must be made prior to delivery, on a case by case basis, if time and labor permits. A site plan must be provided if you wish for us to set-up tables and/or chairs. Set-up of any other item is not available.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have requested a quote on your website. Now what?

While the “request a quote”  feature on our website is a great way to get an idea of inventory options and related costs, it does not reserve or place a hold on the items listed, nor can it confirm availability. Once you have requested a quote, a Something Borrowed team member will contact you before the end of the next business day. If your event will take place within two weeks time, you should follow-up with a phone call to our office at (336) 585-3000. This is the fastest way to ensure availability of your requested items.

How far in advance should I reserve the equipment I need for my event?

We will accept reservations for wedding receptions one year prior to your big day. For other large events, it’s a good idea to reserve approximately three to six months in advance of your event date. Our “Specialty Rental” items such as Throne Chairs, Letter Tables and Swarovski Cake Stands require at least three months advance reservation due to their high demand.

I am ready to make a reservation. How do I go about placing an order?

When you are ready to place your order, call our office at (336) 585-3000. One of our event specialists will check availability, go over pricing and delivery instructions, and answer any questions or concerns you may have at that time. Reservations require a NON-REFUNDABLE 50% deposit (Orders less than $150 require full payment), a credit card to have on file, and the understanding of our rental contract.

Do I need to clean the rentals before I return them?

When renting china, glassware, and/or silverware, we ask that you remove any excess debris by rinsing off the equipment prior to returning. You do not have to wash the equipment. If you rented linens, under no circumstances should you wash or dry them. If linens become wet while in your possession, please allow them to air dry and then place the dirty linens in the linen bag(s) provided.

How do the rentals come packed?

Rentals are delivered clean, sanitized, and ready for use! All dishware, glassware and flatware arrive in special racks and containers wrapped in plastic bags and sealed for use. Linens arrive on drapery hangers and should be returned in the linen bag provided after use with the hangers. A charge of $3.00 per hanger will be assessed for unreturned drapery hangers.

If I rent items for a Saturday event, how many days rent do I have to pay? aka I want to pick my rentals up a day early. Will I have to pay extra?

We consider Friday to Monday to be the same as a one-day rental. If your event is on a weekday, we will gladly allow delivery or pick-up the day before and pick-up or return the day after your event for a one-day charge.

Is a deposit required?

To secure a reservation, we will ask for a 50% deposit (full payment on orders less than $150) as well as a credit card to have on file. We accept all major cards. If there is a throne chair or letter table on your reservation, the portion of the deposit covering those items is non-refundable. The balance is due fourteen (14) days prior to delivery or pickup.

Can I make edits to my order without being penalized?

Of course! We recognize that guest counts are likely to fluctuate as the event date approaches. We encourage you to make a “best guess” estimate when placing your original reservation and make adjustments as you become aware they’re needed. Final edits should be made a minimum of fourteen (14) business days prior to the delivery date. Once preparation has begun on your order, changes may be subject to an additional fee.

What if I have to cancel my reservation?

The 50% deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE. If any payment is made over the 50% deposit, with the exception of a throne chair or letter table, you may cancel without penalty up thirty business days prior to delivery date or pick-up from our warehouse. After thirty days or if your order has already been pulled or is out on a truck for delivery, your forfeit all monies paid and we reserve the right to assess a 15% restocking fee.

Do you deliver?

Generally speaking, an order must be at least $100 in value to qualify for delivery. If your order meets this requirement, delivery service starts at an additional $45 and may increase depending on distance from our warehouse or difficulty of delivery (multiple levels, elevator access only, etc.). In most circumstances, orders less than $100 in value can easily be picked-up by the customer from our warehouse.

Do you offer customer pick-up?

Absolutely. Please keep in mind the size of your vehicle when placing your order as most vehicles will not accommodate round tables larger than 48″ in diameter or banquet tables longer than 60″. For safety reasons, we do not allow customers to pick-up and place equipment on top of their vehicle. Certain items do require our professional team to deliver and set-up – examples include chiavari chairs, throne chairs and letter tables.

What time will my rental arrive?

Delivery/pick-up schedules cannot be completed accurately until all orders are finalized and therefore are not attempted until the afternoon of the preceding day. Unfortunately, even after we stop accepting orders, late changes to existing orders and other unexpected events such as traffic and bad weather can cause delays or even a shuffling of the delivery schedule. You may call our store at any time on the day of delivery and we will make a sincere effort to estimate the time of our arrival based on the information that is available at the time of your call.

Do I have to be home when you deliver or pick-up my rentals?

With the exception of throne chair and letter table deliveries, no, you do not have to be home. However, there must be a secure place the rentals can be left in that is shielded from possible inclement weather and easily accessible to our crew.

Does your delivery fee include set-up?

Items that require set-up such as throne chairs and letter tables include set-up and tear-down in the rental fee. Set-up and tear-down of tables and chairs is available for an additional fee of $2.00 per table, $0.50 per plastic folding chair, and $1.00 per wood folding or chiavari chair. If you only require one or the other (set-up or tear-down), the fee is split in half. These arrangements must be made prior to delivery on a case by case basis if time and labor permits. A site plan/drawing must be provided and it is highly encouraged a representative from the event be on site for set-up. Set-up of items other than tables and chairs is not available.

What happens if we are required to have everything out of the venue immediately after the party?

After hours or Sunday pick-ups can be arranged for an additional fee.

How do I get in touch with you after hours if I have an emergency related to my event?

If an emergency concerning your existing rental order arises during non-business hours, someone on our staff is only a phone call away. Call our main line at (336) 585-3000 and leave a message. We will get back to you as quickly as possible to resolve the problem.

What happens if we damage a piece of rental equipment while it is in our possession?

After the rentals are returned to our warehouse, we will count in and check your order. You will be charged replacement cost for anything that is broken or missing. We do allow our customers a reasonable amount of time to find missing items as they often reappear.

That said, security of the rental equipment is your responsibility! Equipment MUST be protected from theft and weather-related damage while in your possession!

Do I get my money back if I do not use the equipment?

Once our equipment leaves the warehouse, we are not able to rent the items to other customers. Therefore, once the items are in your possession, you must pay for them.