The holiday season is upon us and in most households, holiday décor is starting to take form! While most people are used to traditional colors and holiday décor, there are plenty of options for creating a holiday feel without going the traditional route.

Here are five tips for adding glitz and glam to your holiday party in an unexpected way.
1. Mix Metals for a Wow Effect

Metallics are a great way to create a show stopping look that’s perfect for the holiday season. Mix gold, silver, and copper together for a luxe holiday fête. Add interesting textures, faux fur and exotic flowers for a hint of glam and extra intrigue.


You can also mix metals with a generous dose of bright white for an ultra-sophisticated look that’s sure to impress your guests!


2. Elevate Details with Holiday Style

“Remember that a person’s name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language,” once said Dale Carnegie. Personalized place settings let your guests know how much thought you put into the place setting – and their presence. They will feel special from the moment they sit down.


To add some holiday glitz, opt for golden or glittered fruit forms with a handwritten place card for a special touch.


3. Charm with Napkins

You can make a big design impact on your table with the napkins alone, and pattern is always a great way to add visual interest. Go bold with patterns and colors to create eye-catching table settings.


Another way to delight your guests is clever napkin folds. The ever-popular pocket menu fold is a snap. They’ll surely be impressed and wondering how you did it!

4. Add Some Punch

Don’t be afraid to go bold with color! You can add a whimsical feel with a bright pink, or let the bright oranges and reds of autumn shine on contrasting Aubergine linen.


You can also use deep gemstone colors for a luxurious look that will bring out tableware and other accessories.

5. Go Grand with Black and Gold

Nothing says New Year’s Eve like sequins and black and gold! The luxurious texture of sequins paired with the elegance of black and gold create a perfect look that is fit for any end of year celebration. Set your guests up for a night they won’t forget with this timeless color pairing.


If you’re feeling adventurous and want to try something new this holiday season, there are plenty of options – so go for it! From metallics to bold colors, you can create sparkling, holiday-inspired décor that goes beyond the traditional and will impress & delight your guests.