My son’s birthday is once again quickly approaching. This year as I begin planning his birthday party, I’m keeping in mind what worked well last year and what I should try to do again this year.
My son was born on a perfect July day so once June rolls in, we begin the official birthday countdown and I start planning the ultimate summer birthday party. Last year, I had the genius idea to have the party in our backyard. I say it was a genius idea because it was tons of FUN, so simple to put together and the location was FREE!

So keeping with the summer theme, last year we had a picnic summer birthday party. I had so much fun putting this together and the kids really enjoyed themselves. The parents loved how simple it was too! From the foods to the activities, the location lent itself to so much SUMMER FUN.

Keep it SIMPLE
Plan an event that is easy to set up and easy to clean up afterwards. Something that won’t break the bank and that all will enjoy, especially the birthday child. A backyard picnic was the perfect option for us! We also kept it simple with pre-served portions of potato salad, pre-cut sandwiches and snacks, individual sized chips, juice boxes, water bottles, cookies and cupcakes (no messy cake cutting). We used everything disposable and put to use things we already had laying around. We rented chairs for people to sit on and we had picnic blankets available too. We also brought out some of my sons outdoor toys for the kids to play with, balls, bats, sidewalk chalk, you get the idea. Putting it all together didn’t break the bank and was super simple to set up and clean up afterwards. 🙂

We chose our backyard because it was FREE, no crazy rental fees for a space we could only use for a couple of hours. The yard was perfect because we stayed as long as we wanted and our guests/parents/kids were able to move about freely in a big open space. We also chose it because it was an easy local spot for all to get to.  I know you are probably thinking “what if it rains?” Well we did have a backup plan. We rented an inexpensive canopy that we put up during the party, not only in case it rained, but also to provide a bit of shade for our guests. We kept tabs on the weather as the big summer birthday party day approached and were lucky that it didn’t rain. 🙂

Keep it FUN
It’s all about the kids! Sometimes kids parties turn into adult events. Don’t fall into that trap. Set up some games to keep the kids active and the parents engaged. The fact that we chose to have the party at home  made this an easy task!  We had sack races and a Piñata. The kids played with bubbles, TONS of water shooters, beach balls and sidewalk chalk.  Everyone was engaged in FUN the entire time!

It’s summertime!  No one wants to spend a beautiful summer day indoors. Use summer to your advantage and get outdoors. Backyards, parks, playgrounds, pools, even the beach are great places to host a summer birthday party. If you must do a play or party center make sure they have some sort of outdoor space you can use.  Kids love being outdoors!

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